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Geographically, the South Cariboo is found in southcentral British Columbia, nestled on the Fraser Plateau between the heights of the Coastal and Rocky mountain ranges. The Fraser River cuts through the middle of this rolling plateau, dividing the Cariboo from the wilds of the Chilcotin. To the south is the lower, drier hills of the Thompson-Okanagan, and to the north is the central Cariboo, extending into the vast forests of Northern BC.

The town of 100 Mile House is the main service centre for the South Cariboo region. However, many small communities and neighbourhoods dot the region with their own special character and meeting places. Just a few kilometers north of 100 Mile House are the bedroom communities of 103 Mile, 105 Mile, and the well-known 108 Mile Ranch. The community names originate from the stopping houses on the old Goldrush Trail, or Cariboo Waggon Road, as it was called in the late 1800s.

Continuing north along Hwy 97, takes you through the rolling grassy landscape to the town of Lac La Hache, the longest town in the Cariboo. The meadows and ranchlands along the San Jose Creek, which drains Lac la Hache, will usher you north to the Central Cariboo region.

If you decide to head east into more mountainous terrain, you will encounter the slopes of the Mt. Timothy ski hill, and many good fishing lakes. Some of the largest lakes in the South Cariboo are located along the Canim-Hendrix Road which passes beside Canim Lake before turning into a maze of gravel backroads. Don’t forget Mahood Lake and its waterfalls, which provide western access to the famous Wells Gray Provincial Park. Farther south is the Fishing Highway (aka Hwy 24) which heads east through the Interlakes area, and finally over the McDonald Summit at 1311m before dropping down into the North Thompson region.

If you head south from 100 Mile House along Hwy 97, you will drive through the plateau to 70 Mile House, where roads head east to Green Lake. The South Cariboo’s most southern community on Hwy 97, is the historic town of Clinton.

The western forests and grasslands of the South Cariboo are sparsely settled but offer many unique landscapes to discover. The whole region is linked, like a huge spider web, by trails and backroads, some of which can be driven and some which can only be accessed by small machines or on foot or horseback (See our Trails & Adventures brochure). This web extends into neighbouring regions as well as between the local communities. Some are well-marked and maintained, and some only reside within the memories of the old-timers.

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