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Horseback Riding

In the South Cariboo region of Interior British Columbia, the Spirit of the Wild West lives on. This is cowboy country, and trekking by horseback remains a very pleasant way to explore the rolling grassland, alpine meadows and open forests that make up the region.

Your horse trip can be as tame or wild as you desire. Stay in that extremely civilized, luxurious lodge, with its pool, hot tub and sauna, gourmet restaurant and warm bed - or camp out under the stars, snug in a bedroll; awaken to the distant howl of a coyote and the aroma of bacon frying over an open fire.

Whether you are a total greenhorn, or miles in the saddle have made your backside as tough as leather, Cariboo Country has the perfect place and the ideal horse for you. The choices, it seems, are as endless as the trails. Resorts, outfits, and working ranches extend a warm welcome to city slickers wishing to play cowboy for a spell. Guests can saddle up and enjoy a trail ride, discover friendly guest ranches; or attend an exciting, small town rodeo.

No matter which riding adventure you choose, a great time is guaranteed! If you seek the rocking loll of a horseback ride, there is a selection of guest ranches meeting a range of riding abilities.

Interested in local rodeos? Check the South Cariboo Calendar of Events for dates and event information!



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